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The magic of a Spring Sunrise: A Look at the “Spring Morning” Painting

Against a gradually brightening background, evoking the early hours of a spring morning, three delicate, textured flowers rise. The meticulously painted flowers, each with a distinct texture, glow in the soft morning light. At their base, fresh green grass rises vividly, dancing gently in the morning breeze, adding a touch of freshness and vitality to […]

The Royal Irises: A Symphony of Mythology and Art

Bold and beautiful, irises bring life and color to bouquets and gardens in spring and summer. These vibrant flowers, with their striking forms and hues, are not just a feast for the eyes; they carry a rich tapestry of legends and symbolism. The painting “Royal Irises” captures this essence perfectly, blending the mythological roots of […]

UVVG Prorector Anca Hermenean at the first painting opening

MACEA. The Castle of Macea was for one day the scene of the opening of the artist Anca Hermenean, pro-rector of the “Vasile Goldiș” Western University of Arad. In a welcoming setting, to the rhythms of Chopin, surrounded by loved ones, family, friends, colleagues, lovers of beauty, Anca Hermenean presented her works made in privacy, […]

Reflecting the Essence of Africa: Colors and Forms in “African Beauty”

I have always been fascinated by African women, those virtuosos of vivid and bold chromatics, clothed in a symphony of colors and forms that seem to dance in perfect accord with the surrounding nature. A quintessential example of this is the painting “African Beauty,” a work that captures the essence and spirit of the African […]

Deciphering the Dream of the Blue Magnolia

In the realm of visual art, some works are not merely static paintings but gateways to new and unexplored worlds. “Blue Magnolia Dream” is one of those artworks that take you on an exciting and multisensory journey, blending palpable texture and a sophisticated color palette to create a profound and captivating visual experience. The painting […]

A Visual Journey of Rebirth and Forgotten Potential

In a world where the daily hustle and our concern for immediate issues often obscure our vision, the painting “Germination” comes as a subtle reminder of the eternal cycle of nature. It is a work that urges contemplation and reflection on beginnings and the untapped potential in our world. “Germination” is not just a simple […]