‘Vitality’ captures a stately tree with deep roots and vibrant red flowers, symbols of life’s strength and passion. This artwork reverberates with the vital energy and ephemeral beauty of nature.

70×50 cm.

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The story

‘Vitality’ is a pictorial ode to the strength and beauty of nature, capturing a majestic tree, a symbol of resilience and continuity. This forest giant stands majestically at the centre of the painting, its roots deeply rooted in the soil, representing the solid and unyielding foundation of existence. It spreads its branches wide, like arms open to the sky, offering a visual lesson in stability and endurance.
The bright red flowers are like flames dancing to the notes of the wind, a vibrant contrast that breathes life and passion. They draw the eye and the soul, evoking the eternal cycle of rebirth and ephemerality. This tree is not just a landscape element, but a main character in the unwritten story of nature, a living portrait of a universe that vibrates in every petal and every fibre of its centuries-old wood.
The painting ‘Vitality’ is not just an artistic representation, but a hymn dedicated to the unseen and permanent power of nature, an invitation to meditation and appreciation of the fleeting but intense moments that life offers us.

Technical specifications

“Vitality” is a unique and unusual three-dimensional painting, carefully constructed on canvas, framed on a wooden frame and painted with acrylics. Every detail of the tree is expertly modelled in ceramic, with natural stones positioned at its base, giving it authenticity and visual texture. This modern painting aligns perfectly with contemporary interior design trends. It is treated with a UV protective lacquer to ensure its durability.

It does not require an additional frame due to the finished edges, but can be framed for added style. Comes equipped with an easy-to-use hanging system, ready to display in any space. Its dimensions are 70×50 cm, making it ideal for catching the eye and dominating any room.

Dimension 70×50 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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