Tree of prosperity

This painting evokes the tree of prosperity, an Asian symbol of luck and wealth linked to Feng Shui. May it bring abundance to your home!

40×40 cm.

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The story

In this paper I have illustrated the prosperity tree, a recognised figure in Feng Shui philosophy, symbolising abundance and financial success.

There is also, in the real world, a species of succulent plant known as the ‘money tree’, ‘money plant’ or ‘jade tree’ (Crassula ovata), revered for its hardiness and longevity and its ability to bloom with white or pink flowers when conditions are favourable and the plant has reached maturity.

May this painting bring you prosperity and abundance in your home!

Technical specifications

This painting is an original creation, done on canvas canvas anchored in a wooden frame, and painted in acrylic colours. The tree is made entirely of ceramic and adorned with natural leaves treated to lose their chlorophyll, giving the work a distinct three-dimensional effect. Its pronounced texture gives this painting a unique character, in keeping with contemporary trends in interior decoration. Protection against UV rays is provided by a special lacquer coating designed for ceramics, stones and acrylic paints.

The modern painting style eliminates the need for an outer frame, thanks to the paint-finished edges. For those who nevertheless prefer a frame, choosing a minimalist design is suggested. The painting will be delivered with a wall mounting system included.

Dimension 40×40 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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