Tree of Eternity

“The Tree of Eternity” shows a venerable tree standing alone on a hill, its deep roots the secret of its resistance against time. It is an image of silent strength and stability, a symbol of longevity that defies the years with innate tenacity.

70×50 cm.

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The story

This painting depicts a solitary tree, whose presence testifies to the unceasing passage of time. Perched on a hill, it stands as a guardian of heaven and earth, heroically making its way upwards thanks to its roots that reach deep into the heart of the earth. It is not just a tree, but a symbol of endurance and survival, with wise roots that reveal the underground secrets of longevity and stability. With every leaf that caresses the wind and every branch that touches the light, the tree tells its story of durability and steadfastness in the face of fleeting times. It is a tribute to nature’s silent but undeniable power to persist, grow and thrive.

Technical specifications

“The Tree of Eternity” is a unique and distinctive three-dimensional artwork masterfully crafted on canvas and mounted on a wooden frame with acrylic paint finishes. The trunk of the tree is carved from ceramic paste and the crown is formed from Nordic moss, giving it a touch of naturalness and robustness. The base on which it rests is created from acrylic paste and enriched with natural stones at the base of the trunk, adding authenticity and a palpable visual effect. This contemporary painting blends harmoniously into any modern decor and is UV protected with a special varnish for increased durability.

Its complete design is designed not to require an additional frame, with the edges already finished with the same aesthetic detail. Prepared with an intuitive hanging system, it is ready to be displayed and admired. Measuring 70×50 cm, the painting is a focal point of attraction in any room.

Dimension 70×50 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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