The underwater symphony of barnacles

“Underwater Symphony of Barnacles” features irregularly contoured barnacles, glowing in cyan blue and gold accents, integrated into a pure white seascape. Sea plants undulate around them, and sporadic corals add texture to this calm, regal ocean landscape.

25 x 25 cm.

450.00 TAX included



The story

The painting depicts an idyllic seascape, where the stars are barnacles with irregular contours, reminiscent of nature’s whims. These sea creatures are depicted with a deep cyan blue centre, accented with hints of gold, giving them a regal and mysterious appearance. They are harmoniously integrated into a pristine white marine setting, suggesting the purity and calm of the ocean depths.

Surrounding the barnacles, wavy sea plants are delicately outlined, creating a fine contrast to the solid stature of the barnacles. They seem to dance in the current of the water, giving dynamism to the whole scene. Groups of corals, strategically distributed through the composition, add texture and complexity with their organic shapes that interweave this underwater world.

Technical specifications

“Underwater Symphony of Barnacles” is a three-dimensional painting, made directly on plastic and painted in acrylic colours. It is handmade entirely from ceramic and acrylic modelling paste. The white frame measures 27x27cm and has a depth of 5 cm which allows the ceramic corals to be protected. The size of the painting, including passepartout, is 25×25 cm. It can be used hanging or standing to fit the available space.

The painting will be delivered with a wall mounting system included.

Dimension 25 x 25 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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