The miracle of blossoming

This artistic composition is a celebration of the magical moment of flowering, capturing the splendour of a flower in full bloom, accompanied by the delicate and protective dance of the leaves. The colours chosen – white, beige, gold, green, shades of purple and brown – contribute to a timeless, fairytale atmosphere, inviting the viewer to stop and admire this sublime natural spectacle.

50×50 cm.

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The story

At the centre of the painting is a spectacular flower, caught just as its petals open in a transition of colours that gives the flower a magical and profound look, seeming to capture and reflect the light in an enchanting spectacle.

Around this flower, delicate leaves weave in a graceful dance. The leaves are coloured in shades of pale green, with golden accents adding a touch of elegance and brilliance. They gently arch and curl, creating the impression of a warm and welcoming embrace, emphasising the beauty of the flowering moment.

Technical specifications

“The Miracle of blossoming” painting is original and unique, made on canvas, fixed on a wooden frame, and painted in acrylic colours. The textured surface gives the product a characteristic original look, which fits perfectly into the current trend of modern home decoration. The painting is protected from UV rays with a special protective varnish for acrylic colours.

Modern paintings do not require a frame, the edges are painted. If you still want to have a frame, we recommend choosing a simple design.

The painting will be delivered with a wall hanging system included.

Size 50×50 cm.

UV protected

Clamping system
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