Symphony of contrasts

“Symphony of Contrasts” is an abstract black and white painting, animated by geometric textures, with delicate white flowers and sophisticated gold accents that unite and separate the two chromatic zones.

70 x 50 cm

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The story

“Symphony of Contrasts” is an abstract expression in black and white, a visual dialogue between simplicity and complexity. The textures in this painting are a dance of geometric shapes, with circles and parallel lines creating a hypnotic rhythm on the canvas. Amidst these rigorous shapes, delicate white flowers appear, points of purity and finesse that bring vitality to the composition. Accents of gold glow discreetly, creating a soft transition between the polar opposites of white and black, adding a dimension of luxury and a surprising element of colour. This work is an ode to minimalist beauty, a perfect balance between quiet and dynamic, classic and contemporary.

Technical specifications

“Symphony of Contrasts” is a unique, meticulously created three-dimensional painting on canvas, anchored in a wooden frame, accented with acrylics. The distinctive texture, made from acrylic paste, enriches this 3D painting, giving it a place of honour in any contemporary decor.

This work is ready to display with a full finish, though a simple frame can be added for extra effect. Equipped with everything you need for hanging, and measuring an imposing 70x50cm, this painting is designed to become the focal point of any room.

Dimension 70 x 50 cm.

UV protected

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