Summer fantasy

This painting delicately blends lilac roses, cooled by the rain, with the delicacy of lace, reflecting a perfect symbiosis between human and divine creation.

30×40 cm.

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The story

Heaven kisses earth with rain; earth kisses heaven with flowers.

Rabindranath Tagore

In this work of art, we have combined the delicacy of lilac roses, freshly bathed in a summer shower, with the subtle elegance of lace, a dance of divine and human craftsmanship in a symphony of harmony and balance.

Technical specifications

The Summer Fantasy painting is a unique and authentic composition on canvas stretched over a wooden frame and coloured with acrylic paints. Each flower, carefully modelled from ceramic, adds a three-dimensional dimension to the work. The leaves, preserved to retain only their fibrous structure, together with the texture of the macrame, give the work a distinct and modern touch, perfect for contemporary decor. The work is finished with a UV protective coating, ensuring the durability of the material and colours.

This painting does not require a frame due to the painted edges, but can be framed to your preference for a custom presentation. Includes a ready-to-install wall mount. Its dimensions are 30×40 cm, ideal for adding a sophisticated artistic accent to any space.

Dimension 30×40 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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