Spring snowfall

“Spring Snowfall” features an explosion of white spring flowers against a black backdrop, with petals seemingly falling in a golden snowfall, capturing the essence of nature’s awakening.

70 x 50 cm

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The story

“Spring Snowfall” brings to the stage a branch laden with the white flowers of spring in an idyllic representation of nature’s rebirth. The white petals, enriched with golden sparkles, seem to fall gracefully like snowflakes, contrasting sharply with the black background of the canvas. This vibrant painting captures the effervescence and joy of spring, with a play of colours evoking the first blossom and the promise of sunny days to come. The snowy effect created by the delicate petals is a tribute to moments of pure beauty and new beginnings.

Technical specifications

“Spring Snowfall” is a three-dimensional artwork composed of two pieces that complement each other, neatly crafted on canvas and supported by a sturdy wooden frame with acrylic painted accents. The textured background with acrylic paste, and white 3D flowers embellished with gold details on a dark background give the painting an air of elegance and complexity, making it the perfect focal point for your living space.
Ready to display and impress, this piece comes expertly finished and the option to add a simple frame is at your discretion for added style. The artistic composition is made up of two paintings, generously sized at 70x50cm, this ensemble is designed to captivate and enliven any room.

Dimension 70 x 50 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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