Spring Rhapsody

Against a backdrop of shades of blue, a branch of delicate apple blossoms in shades of white and pale pink subtly glows. Green leaves add freshness, and a poem’s understated, harmoniously integrated lines extol spring, suggesting rebirth and beauty. The painting evokes a calm and contemplative atmosphere, celebrating the magic of spring.

50×50 cm.

500.00 TAX included

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The story

The artwork features a sprig of apple blossoms in subtle shades of white and pale pink, painted with great attention to detail, each petal rendered with finesse, capturing their fragility and ephemeral beauty. The flowers seem to glow softly against the dark background, highlighting the delicate contrast between the colours.

In the background, the lines of a poem delicately appear, seeming to extol the season of spring, speaking of rebirth, beauty and hope, without distracting from the splendour of the apple blossoms.

The texture of the petrol blue background adds depth and a touch of mystery, suggesting a spring sky at sunset or an early morning when the air is fresh and full of promise. This choice of colour gives the painting a calm and contemplative atmosphere, inviting the viewer to stop and admire the delicate details and poetic message.

Technical specifications

The painting “Spring Rhapsody” is original and unique, made on canvas, fixed on a wooden frame, and painted in acrylic colours. The textured surface gives the product a characteristic original look, which fits perfectly into the current trend of modern home decoration. The painting is protected from UV rays with a special protective varnish for acrylic colours.

Modern paintings do not require a frame, the edges are painted. If you still want to have a frame, we recommend choosing a simple design.

The painting will be delivered with a wall hanging system included.


Size 50×50 cm.

UV protected

Clamping system
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