Spring reflections

On a grey background with accents of green, a floral composition unfolds with a central bud about to open, surrounded by diaphanous pink flowers with subtle white outlines. These delicate flowers contrast with the slender, veined leaves, creating a sense of protection and harmony.

50×50 cm.

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The story

On a grey background with pale green accents, a floral composition unfolds, with a bud with many petals ready to open in the centre, flanked by diaphanous pink flowers highlighted by subtle white outlines. These flowers add a touch of delicacy and fragility, contrasting with the intense green of the leaves. The leaves are slender and erect, with pronounced veins that give them texture and dynamism. They seem to embrace the flowers, creating a sense of protection and harmony in the composition.

Technical specifications

The painting “Spring Reflections” is original and unique, made on canvas, fixed on a wooden frame, and painted in acrylic colours. The textured surface gives the product a characteristic original look, which fits perfectly into the current trend of modern home decorations. The painting is protected from UV rays with a special protective varnish for acrylic colours.

Modern paintings do not require a frame, the edges are painted. If you still want to have a frame, we recommend choosing a simple design.

The painting will be delivered with a wall hanging system included.

Size 70×50 cm.

UV protected

Clamping system
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