Shapes of Water

“Shapes of Water” is an artistic composition that weaves natural lichens in shades of blue and beige, creating undulating shapes that evoke waves and golden sand, highlighting the natural contrast between water and shore. Barnacles add texture and vitality to the marine scene.

60×90 cm.

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The story

“Shapes of Water” is an elegant work of art that pays homage to nature’s mastery of waterscape carving. Made with 100% natural lichens, the painting borrows its organic texture to capture the fluidity of the water, using three shades of blue ranging from ultramarine to turquoise to azure, mixed with warm beige tones that evoke the fine sands of the beaches.
The strips of land intertwine with the water, forming tactile contrasts that reflect the interplay between water and land, and the grains of golden sand shimmer, like sunbeams reflecting off the surface of the trembling sea. Clusters of barnacles, with their raw and authentic shapes, spring from this composition, adding a dimension of natural harshness that contrasts with the apparent gentleness of the water and sand.

Technical specifications

The painting is original, unique, and features 100% naturally preserved Nordic lichens mounted with hot silicone sticks directly on the frame, interspersed with ceramic paste, pebbles and barnacles constructed of ceramic paste and plaster.

What you need to know about lichens:
– are not toxic
– no maintenance required
– are an indicator of the state of humidity in the room; if they start to dry out or go mouldy, it means you need to increase the humidity in the room, which is also beneficial for human health
– does not require soil, natural light or watering
– last up to 10-15 years under normal humidity and temperature storage conditions and not exposed to direct sunlight or near sources of heat or air conditioning

The golden frame is made of a resistant polymer that does not expand over time under the action of moisture created by lichen, moss or established plants; 2 wall hangers are mounted on the frame.

Size 60×90 cm.

UV protected

Clamping system
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