Poppies 1

This artwork features a group of slender, graceful poppies, each finely shaped from ceramic and carefully arranged on the canvas. This painting captures their ephemeral beauty, bringing the fields to life with their vibrant red petals.

30×40  cm.

550.00 TAX included



The story

This painting portrays an assemblage of fragile, tall, slender poppies, each meticulously created from ceramic and then delicately placed on canvas. The delicate splendour of these flowers, which enliven the fields with fire-red petals against the yellow backdrop of grain, is an annual joy and an old muse for artists. For this reason, I want to share with you a poem about poppies that has won my admiration:

They burned like live beans,
on the tops of weak stalks.
They raised their laughing, stingy
their red cheeks between the thorns.

I gathered them with greedy hands,
I wandered in the gentle evening,
filling my arms with blossom
…and the flower, shrouded and limp.

And I came back a late,
far away the field remained,
so lonely and empty
behind me.

But when home I tried
to gather them into a bright bouquet,
all my mace shook
like tears on the floor.

Magda Isanos

Technical specifications

“Poppies (1)” is a unique painting created on a canvas canvas stretched over a wooden frame, with details painted in acrylics. Each flower and poppy stem is hand modelled in ceramic, giving the work a three-dimensional dimension. The work is protected against UV damage by applying a special lacquer for ceramics and acrylics. This contemporary piece does not require an additional frame due to the finished edges.

The painting is ready for display, complete with a hanging system, and measures 30×40 cm, an ideal size to liven up any interior space.

Dimension 30×40  cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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  1. Carmen G.

    I love poppies and I felt drawn to this painting from the first time I entered the site. In the end, I decided to buy it and I am very satisfied. It’s so delicate… and looks great on the wall. It arrived well, although it is a long distance to Spain.

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