Poem of Autumn

“Poem of Autumn” captures the melancholic essence of the season through a palette of rusty leaves set against a backdrop that combines textures inspired by baroque art with the poetic lyricism of autumn. This painting invites reflection and contemplation, each texture telling a story of autumn’s transformation.

50 x 60 cm

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The story

“Poem of Autumn” is a warm artistic expression, combining leaves painted in vibrant shades of red and gold with slender, graceful branches, set against a backdrop that brings to life the baroque elegance and poetic lyricism of autumn. Each element of the painting contributes to creating a visual ode to autumn, inviting the viewer into a world where art and nature meet in perfect harmony.

Technical specifications

“Poem of Autumn” is an original painting, painted on canvas stretched over a wide pine wood frame and painted with acrylics. Its three-dimensional profile is given by the use of acrylic modelling paste and ceramic elements, giving it a distinct presence and its own identity. At 3.7 cm thick, the picture border adds a touch of refinement, eliminating the need for an outer frame.
This painting comes fully equipped with a mounting system for easy hanging and viewing on your wall.
The size of the painting is 50×60 cm.

Dimension 50 x 60 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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