“Pastoral” is a three-dimensional painting highlighting a corner of nature, where field mushrooms stand out against a soft background in a pastel colour palette.

70 x 50 cm

1 200.00 TAX included



The story

“Pastoral” is a three-dimensional painting that stylishly renders a field landscape, where mushrooms stand out as focal points in a palette of pastel colours. Shades of green, ochre and gold combine to create a soothing, almost idyllic scene that brings the calm and harmony of nature indoors. Each mushroom, expertly shaped from ceramic, rises from the delicate canvas, adding depth and character to the pastoral landscape. This painting is a window into the serenity of rural life, an invitation to pause and breathe in the simple beauty of nature.

Technical specifications

“Pastoral” is a unique three-dimensional painting meticulously created on canvas, anchored in a wooden frame, accented with acrylic colors. Elaborate textures of ceramics and stones add depth and sophistication to this relief painting, making it a centerpiece for your living room.

This work is ready to display with a full finish, though a simple frame can be added for added effect. Equipped with everything you need for hanging, and measuring an imposing 70x50cm, this painting is designed to become the focal point of any room.

Dimension 70 x 50 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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  1. I.C.

    The painting is a fairy tale that transports you to an ancient, mystical world full of sun, rain, the smell of fresh earth, shadows, fairies, and elves, laughter, and joy. It is like a bridge that takes you to a fabulous, unreal world of stories told in a warm, gentle voice by grandparents in the evening by the fireplace; it is a gateway to the light. (translation in english)

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