Nature’s chromatics

“Nature’s Chromatic” is an original painting that captures the stylized and vibrant essence of Grand Prismatic Lake in Yellowstone National Park.

50 x 60 cm

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The story

“Nature’s Chromatic” is a painting that depicts the vibrancy of Grand Prismatic Lake in Yellowstone National Park in a stylized and unique perspective. The artist has not only captured the stunning visuals of this geothermal phenomenon, but has also transposed the emotional echoes of her encounter with this magical place onto canvas. During the day, the painting swirls with saturated colors and flowing lines that invoke the living movement of the hot springs and the microscopic life that colors them.
As night falls, the painting reveals a hidden facet: under ultraviolet light, the painting illuminates in a spectral dance of white, blue, green and orange, replicating the starry glow of the night sky.

Each colour tells its story, whispering about the silence of the night that enhances the emotion and natural beauty of the lake. This nocturnal play of lights continues to convey the unique emotion of Grand Prismatic Lake, giving the viewer a complete experience that transcends the boundaries of time. It is an homage to the natural world, a bridge between seen and felt reality, between day and night.
For those who wish to explore this experience further, the artist’s blog provides a detailed narrative of her encounter with the lake and the emotions it stirred. There, visitors can also find photographs of Grand Prismatic Lake, personally captured during her visit, which served as inspiration for this painting, which is a true invitation to a sensory and emotional journey through the heart of nature.

The artist has used a modern impressionist technique to render three-dimensionally on canvas the chromatic effervescence of the lake, transforming its thermal waters into a symphony of shapes and lines pulsating with life and energy. The work, beyond being a daytime spectacle of heavenly blue, emerald green and fiery orange, transforms under ultraviolet light, revealing a nocturnal world of brilliant white and neon colours pulsating with life. The excitement of the lake is thus also felt in the heart of the night, conveying the artistic experience.
The details of the artist’s journey and the inspiration behind this painting are shared on the blog, where the visual and emotional memories of Grand Prismatic Lake come to life through word and image.

Technical specifications

“Nature’s Chromatic” is an original painting, painted on canvas stretched over a wide pine wood frame and painted with acrylics. Its three-dimensional profile is given by the use of acrylic modelling paste, giving it a distinct presence and its own identity. At 3.7 cm thick, the painting’s border adds a touch of refinement, eliminating the need for an outer frame. The colours are also visible at night if you place a UV lamp nearby.

This painting comes fully equipped with a mounting system for easy hanging and admiring on your wall.

Dimension 50 x 60 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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