Nature mosaic

In this unique painting, we harmonized natural elements with fragments of ceramics and mosaic, inspired by the ancient art we discovered in Madaba, Jordan. This ancient city, rich in history and culture, is famous for its spectacular mosaics, including the famous map of the Holy Land in St George’s Church, and for its tradition of teaching the art of mosaic.

30 cm.

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The story

In this work of art, I have combined fragments of nature with pieces of ceramics and mosaic. Why mosaic? This art form was revealed to me during my visit to the city of Madaba, Jordan in 2022. If you haven’t had a chance to explore this culturally and historically diverse place, allow me to share a few tidbits of information to pique your interest to investigate further.

Madaba, with its Aramaic meaning suggesting “still waters” or “land of waters and fruits”, traces its origins as far back as 3500-2000 BC in the Bronze Age, but grew in importance during the Iron Age. Remembered in the Bible as Medeba, the town flourished under Byzantium and was revived in 1880 by 90 Christian families from Kerak. The first mosaic discovered here, by chance, brought to light a wealth of history and culture, which was then protected and preserved by the community. Madaba is best known and frequented for its famous mosaic map of the Holy Land, located in the Church of St George. But this is not the only mosaic; the city is known as Jordan’s ‘Mosaic City’, a centre for the perfection of mosaic craftsmanship.

Technical specifications

“Nature Mosaic” is a unique three-dimensional art piece meticulously created on a canvas stretched over a wooden frame, and finished with acrylics. This artistic composition blends hand-shaped ceramics, stones and natural elements such as faded leaves and sorghum twigs.

This contemporary piece doesn’t need a frame to complete its aesthetic, but can be framed on request in a minimalist style to accentuate its simplicity and naturalness.

The painting is ready for display, equipped with a wall hanging system and measures 30 cm diagonally, ready to add an organic touch to any interior space.

Dimension 30 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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