Grape vines

“Vines in Autumn” is a painting that captures the chromatic and textured essence of autumn, with strings of vines and leaves in seasonal colors set against a vibrant background. This piece brings the warmth and beauty of autumn right into your home.

40 x 40 cm

450.00 TAX included



The story

‘Vines in Autumn’ immortalises the graceful play of leafy vine strings, unfolding against a textured background evoking the rich and colourful landscape of autumn. The leaves, in shades of green and gold, seem to dance on a stage painted in warm seasonal tones, capturing the essence of autumn’s changing face. The texture of the background adds an extra dimension to the work, giving the feeling of a painting that you can not only see, but feel, almost palpably, inviting you to explore every detail with your eyes. This work of art brings the nostalgic beauty of an autumn landscape into any home, transposed in a way that harmoniously blends realism with symbolism.

Technical specifications

“Vines in Autumn” is a unique work of art designed on canvas stretched over a wooden frame and coloured with acrylic paints. The strings and leaves are hand shaped from ceramic, giving the painting a three-dimensional dimension. The three-dimensional texture in the background adds to the charm of the painting.

This modern painting has finished edges and does not require framing. For other aesthetic preferences, a plain frame is suggested.
The painting comes ready to hang, with a system included, and measures 40×40 cm.

Dimension 40 x 40 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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1 review for Grape vines

  1. Elena B.

    A bright, delicate painting, which harmoniously combines ceramics with other materials… totally different from what I have seen in other mixed media canvases.
    Of course, being Greek, I was attracted by the motif of the painting……
    Very nice, I recommend…

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