The painting “Germination” evokes the rebirth of nature, with seeds germinating under the warmth of the sun’s rays, symbolising the beginning of life. Sunlight awakens and warms everything around, highlighting the beauty of new beginnings and the essential role of light in this vital cycle. The mood of the painting is one of hope, illustrating the power of life awakening from sleep.

100×100 cm.

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The story

The painting ‘Germination’ depicts a scene full of hope and renewal, where seeds begin to sprout, marking the rebirth of life.
Light, emanating from the first rays of the sun, envelops the scene in an aura of warmth and gentleness, creating soft shadows that highlight textures and awaken everything it touches to life, playing an essential role in nature’s cycle of renewal.
In essence, the painting is a visual representation of the potential for new beginnings, hidden even in the most insignificant forms, marking the vital role of light in awakening the dormant life within.

Technical specifications

“Germination” is an original painting, painted on canvas stretched over a wide pine wood frame and painted with acrylics. Its three-dimensional profile is given by the use of acrylic modelling paste and ceramics, giving it a distinct presence and its own identity. With a thickness of 3.7 cm, the border of the painting adds a touch of refinement, eliminating the need for an outer frame.

This painting comes fully equipped with a mounting system for easy hanging and admiring on your wall.

Dimension 100×100 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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