Miniature landscape

The hexagonal trio ‘Miniature Landscape’ is made of moss and lichen, with shades of raw green and beige minimalistically outlining hills and valleys. In each painting, the paths of white pebbles undulate and, aligned, reveal a trail that unifies the collection into a charming whole.

51, 36 și 27 cm

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The story

This series of three hexagonal paintings, elegantly framed in white frames, offers a three-dimensional perspective on a miniature landscape where nature is distilled into geometric shapes. Each panel is meticulously covered with moss and lichen in shades of raw green and beige, creating a vibrant relief evoking miniature hills and valleys. The rich texture of the bombed moss alternates with areas of fine texture, giving an illusion of depth and variety to the terrain.
In each painting, delicate paths of white pebbles wind, interrupted only by the edges of the paintings, but which, when aligned, form a continuous path that seems to cross an enchanted land. The series captures the essence of a fairytale world, invoking imagination and a sense of adventure, with its paths inviting the viewer on a visual journey from scene to scene, connecting the three paintings into a coherent and engaging narrative.

Technical specifications

The paintings are original, one-of-a-kind, and include stabilized flattened and pumped mosses as well as 100% naturally preserved Nordic lichens mounted with hot silicone sticks directly on the frame. Included in the composition of the master painting is a centrepiece – a particularly beautiful dark green moss, preserved in an original method that you won’t find in moss and lichen paintings on other commercial sites.

What you need to know about mosses and lichens:
– are non-toxic as they are preserved with a pharmaceutical glycerine solution
– no maintenance required
– are an indicator of the state of humidity in the room; if they start to dry out or go mouldy, it means you need to increase the humidity in the room, which is also beneficial for human health
– does not require soil, natural light or watering
– last up to 10-15 years under normal humidity and temperature storage conditions and not exposed to direct sunlight or near heat sources or air conditioning

The hexagonal frames used are 3.8 cm high, made of MDF, white in colour, with plywood back and wall hooks.

Size 51, 36 and 27cm.

UV protected

Clamping system
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