Geothermal reflections

“Geothermal Reflections” is an artistic representation of a glimpse of Yellowstone’s thermal lakes and an invitation for deeper exploration. For those captivated by the mystery and beauty of this painting, the artist offers his personal impressions and the story behind the work on his blog. There, visitors can discover not only the inspiration behind the colors and textures, but also the artist’s emotional connection to these spectacular landscapes.

100 x 100 cm

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The story

The scene captured on canvas is an artistic interpretation of Yellowstone’s thermal lakes, a tribute to these geothermal spectacles. The painting is a mirror of the sky, capturing shades of blue, cyan and turquoise in a vibrant show of colors that seem to move and pulse with the earth’s geothermal energy. The mineral deposits at the edges of the thermal pool are delicately rendered, featuring the lacy and delicate details of the crystallizations that outline the lake, while the effects of sulfur and other minerals are represented by bright pigments, adding visual contrast and almost feeling the distinctive scent of these unique places. The embossed textures of the canvas add a tactile dimension that enriches the visual depth of the work.

Technical specifications

Geothermal Reflections is a unique textured painting meticulously created on canvas, anchored in a wooden frame, accented with acrylic colors. Elaborate textures of acrylic modelling paste add depth and sophistication to this relief painting, transforming it into a centrepiece for your living room. At 3.7cm thick, the painting’s border adds a touch of sophistication, eliminating the need for an outer frame.
This painting comes fully equipped with a mounting system for easy hanging and admiring on your wall.
The size of the painting is 100×100 cm.

Dimension 100 x 100 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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