“Genesis” is a minimalist interpretation of the formation of an island, where pure emergent sand meets the infinity of the ocean. Capturing the simple essence of a new creation, this painting evokes the promise and mystery hidden in the dawn of a new world.

70 x 50 cm

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The story

‘Genesis’ is a minimalist painting that captures the rare and profound moment of an island’s birth. It captures the lonely expanse of an emerging sandbank, contrasting with the vastness of a deep blue ocean. It is a corner of paradise in the making, a simple shrine to nature rising from the depths of the sea to come alive under the sun’s rays. The light hues of the sand, rendered in fine detail, melt into the soft transition of the water, creating a symphony of tranquility and endless potential. This landscape is not only a representation of isolation, but also a metaphor for hope and reinvention, a canvas waiting to be painted by the elements of life.

Technical specifications

“Genesis” is an exclusive three-dimensional artwork, carefully crafted on canvas and mounted on a wooden frame with acrylic paint finishes. With a unique texture made from acrylic paste and ceramic elements, this 3D painting is enriched with sand and sea stones, adding a layer of authenticity and visual depth. Its contemporary design blends harmoniously into modern decors and is protected against the harmful effects of UV rays by a special varnish.

The opera does not require an additional frame due to its fully finished look, but a simple frame can be added to accentuate the style. Ready for installation, it comes with a hanging system. Generously sized at 70×50 cm, this piece is designed to capture attention and enhance the space in which it is placed.

Dimension 70 x 50 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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  1. A M

    Tabloul intitulat “Geneza” este nu doar o piesă de artă remarcabilă, ci și un simbol al ospitalității și generozității vanzatorului său. Prin intermediul acestei opere, am fost nu doar încântat de frumusețea sa, ci și de căldura și deschiderea cu care am fost întâmpinat și asistați în procesul de achiziție. Ospitalitatea și generozitatea vanzatorului nu au făcut doar din achiziționarea tabloului o experiență plăcută, ci au transformat întregul proces într-o amintire memorabilă.

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