Essence of life

This painting shows the Tree of Life, with its trunk like a vibrant DNA, a symbol of health and longevity. Depicting our essential connection to nature and the cosmos, the tree in art evokes spiritual growth and the unity of nature’s elements. This work emphasises universal harmony and balance in life.

40×40 cm.

500.00 TAX included



The story

In this painting we have represented the Tree of Life as a symbolic emblem, with the trunk representing the DNA chain, our genetic support that guides our existence. A DNA full of vitality is portrayed, depicting the promise of a long, healthy life full of happiness and balance. Like the tree of life, our vital essence circulates in a continuous connection with Mother Earth, Father Sun and divinity.

A common symbol in many cultures, the Tree of Life illustrates continuous growth and the soul’s aspiration towards the celestial and infinite. It appears often in art, from painting to ceramics, and is a metaphor for the human aspiration for connection with the sacred. The tree of life combines the four essential elements – fire, earth, air and water – which together give life and sustenance. Its power lies in uniting the connections between all cosmic dimensions, creating a vital balance.

Technical specifications

“The Essence of Life” is a unique artwork designed on canvas stretched over a wooden frame and coloured with acrylic paints. The tree, including roots, trunk, flowers and leaves, is hand modelled in ceramic, giving the painting a three-dimensional dimension. At the base of the tree, natural stones are applied to complete the composition. A special varnish coating protects the work against UV effects, ensuring longevity for both the ceramic and stones, as well as the acrylic colours.

This modern painting has finished edges and does not require framing. For aesthetic preferences, a plain frame is suggested.

The panel will be delivered with wall mounting system included.

Dimension 40×40 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Essence of life

  1. Talida Soare

    We are fortunate enough to own and enjoy a similar piece of work.
    The emotion of life shines through the work, with colors so close to nature, and the feeling of wholeness and authenticity accompanies us whenever our eyes meet the artwork.
    Life, nature, and the passion with which she transposes them onto the canvas are defining and synergistic elements in the artist’s creations, and for us, it is a privilege to be able to feel and understand this! (translation in english)

  2. Monica G.

    I am a doctor and was immediately drawn to the idea of the painting inspired by medicine. When I saw it in person, I liked it even more. All the details in the ceramics are superb.
    It catches the eye of everyone who enters my home… so I decided to gift myself another painting. (translation in english)

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