Celestial Tree

The painting depicts an impressive white tree with branching roots, a sturdy trunk and a generous crown, reminiscent of the tree of life in Nordic folklore, symbolising the unity and strength of interconnected life.

56×80 cm.

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The story

The Celestial Tree is a painting that brings to the foreground a magnificent white tree with spreading roots and a short, sturdy trunk supporting a vast, imposing crown. The tree’s brilliant white reverberates with balance and harmony, offering the viewer not only an aesthetic image but also a meditation on the unity of heaven and earth, spirit and matter. It is a visual invitation to reflect on the cycles of life and the interconnectedness of all beings.
This representation of the tree of life in the vision of the Nordic peoples illustrates strength and purity, its deep roots suggest ancestral wisdom and connection to the sacred realm, while its vast crown reaches skyward as a symbol of expansion and connectedness to the divine.

Technical specifications

“The Celestial Tree” is a unique and original three-dimensional work of art, stretched on an oval canvas, mounted on a wooden frame and colored in titanium white. The structure of the tree is meticulously outlined in acrylic modelling paste, adding a distinctive texture that harmonises with the modern aesthetic of contemporary interiors. The painting benefits from UV protection thanks to a specially applied varnish, ensuring the durability of the materials.

The modern design of this painting does not require an outer frame, thanks to the elegantly painted edges. However, if a frame is desired, a minimalist design is suggested. The piece is ready for display with an included hanging system and measures 56×80 cm, ideal for completing any space with an artistic focal point.

Dimension 56×80 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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