Caribbean Corals (1)

Idyllic scenes of the beaches of Yucatan, Mexico were the inspiration for this painting, with hand-shaped ceramic corals and sea pebbles bringing the essence of the Caribbean into the art.

27×27 cm.

450.00 TAX included



The story

On holiday in 2014, I visited the beautiful shores of the Yucatan Peninsula near Cancun, Mexico with my family. There, I was enchanted by the white sandy beaches, washed by turquoise waters and occasionally adorned with marine gifts in the form of coral, which became the inspiration for this painting.

Have you ever wondered why walking on Caribbean white sands doesn’t burn? It’s because, unlike the hot yellow sand of the Black Sea, the sand here contains no silica.

As for the composition of the work: each coral was shaped by hand from ceramic and fixed into the painting with a special mixture of plaster and adhesive. The edge of the painting evokes the beach, complemented by small stones, souvenirs from the deep sea. I took great care to recreate the texture of the corals, especially the large, leafy one on the left and the two imposing ones at the bottom.

Technical specifications

“Corals of the Caribbean (1)” is an original artwork, hand-crafted from ceramic and finished with acrylic paint. Presented in a white frame, it can be either hung on the wall or placed on a flat surface, making it versatile for different spaces. The work is sealed with a special UV-resistant glaze to preserve the vibrant colours of the ceramics and acrylics.

The 27x27cm frame, with a depth of 5 cm, is designed to protect the three-dimensional elements of ceramic corals.

Dimension 27×27 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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