Blue Magnolia Dream

“Dream of the Blue Magnolia” infuses the painting with a raised texture that brings the flower to life, with petals in deep, bright shades of blue contrasting with the pale green heart. This combination of palpable texture and sophisticated colour palette transforms the painting into a multi-sensory experience, invoking a dream full of color and emotion.

50×60 cm.

650.00 TAX included

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The story

“Dream of the Blue Magnolia” is a painting that captures the essence of a rare and surreal beauty, like a dream. At the center of the work is a deep vibrant blue magnolia, its petals unfurled in a splendid display of color and form. The painting is notable for its raised texture, which adds a physical and tangible dimension to the work. Shades of blue range from deep, near night sky hues to light and airy, creating a play of light and shadow that gives the flower a dynamic and vivid presence. In the heart of the magnolia, the pale green luminous petals glow like jewels, drawing the viewer’s eyes and hearts to the vibrant center of the composition.

This combination of palpable texture and sophisticated color palette transforms the painting into a multi-sensory experience. The raised details invite touch, while the transitions of color from blue to pale green in the middle of the flower suggest an inner source of light and energy, giving the whole work an air of mystery and unusual beauty.

Technical specifications

“Dream of the Blue Magnolia” is an original painting, painted on canvas stretched over a wide pine wood frame and painted with acrylics. Its three-dimensional profile is given by the use of acrylic modelling paste, giving it a distinct presence and its own identity. At 3.7 cm thick, the painting’s border adds a touch of refinement, eliminating the need for an outer frame.

This painting comes fully equipped with a mounting system for easy hanging and viewing on your wall.

Dimension 50×60 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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