Blossom (3)

The painting captures the essence of a single ceramic flower, a pictorial homage to flowering. It is a celebration of the sublime moment when nature reveals its beauty.

27 x 27 cm

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The story

“Blossom” is an artistic expression dedicated to moments of hopeful anticipation, capturing the essence of a single ceramic flower waiting to reveal its beauty. Shaped with wavy edges that seem to pulse with life, the flower is painted with a palette of acrylic colours that harmoniously intertwine, evoking the dynamic and vibrant process of flowering. Each hue blends naturally with the next, creating a visual symphony that reflects the eagerness and joy of anticipation for spring. This artwork is a tribute to all the flowers that stir excitement and anticipation in our hearts.

Technical specifications

‘Blossom’ is an authentic piece of art, with a hand-moulded ceramic flower at its centre, finished with acrylic colours. It features an elegant white frame and can be displayed either suspended or on a flat surface, making it versatile for any space.
Its dimensions are 27×27 cm with a thickness of 5 cm, providing optimal protection for the delicate ceramic flower.

Dimension 27 x 27 cm.

UV protected

Fastening system
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