After the rain

The painting “After the rain” captures the chromatic harmony between green and purple, enriched with beige and gold tones. The ceramic flowers, captured just after the rain, stand gracefully in the centre, with shapes that seem shaped by the rain’s own hands. The background is complemented by soft foliage, creating an elegant balance with the textured flowers.

50×40 cm.

400.00 TAX included



The story

Against a pictorial backdrop of green intertwined with purple, ‘After the Rain’ reveals a calm scene accented with shades of beige and golden glints.
At the centre of this idyllic scene, two stylised ceramic flowers, captured after a summer rain, dominate the composition. They are sculptural and elegant, each curve and line exuding a sense of softness and fluidity, as if shaped by the rain’s own hands.
Thin, elegant leaves rise from the background, like a discreet choir supporting the soloists.
They add a level of detail and smoothness, contrasting with the more robust texture of ceramic flowers.

Technical specifications

The painting “After the rain” is original and unique, made on canvas, fixed on a wooden frame, and painted in acrylic colours. The textured surface gives the product a distinctive original look that fits perfectly into the current trend of modern home decoration. The flowers are made of ceramic and the diaphanous leaves are naturally processed to remove the chlorophyll, leaving practically their skeleton.The painting is protected from UV rays with a special protective varnish for ceramics and acrylic colours.
Modern paintings do not require frames, the edges are painted. If you still want to have a frame, we recommend choosing a simple design.
The panel will be delivered with wall mounting system included.

Size 50×40 cm.

UV protected

Clamping system
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