Author’s story

In the unexpected silence of the isolation of the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, I found in art a refuge for the soul and an ally against anxiety. When the world slowed down, I rediscovered myself through art, in tones and textures, intertwining my emotions with the positive vibrancy of color. My garden, with its brightly colored pots, became my outdoor studio, the place where observations of nature were transformed into artistic works.

Connecting with nature has been very important to me all my life. Even just for a morning coffee in the privacy of my backyard, I love to recharge, to feel nature, to be caressed by its simplicity and complexity.

My artworks are echoes of this connection, tabs from a personal diary where nature intertwines its story with my most intimate emotions. Through them, I purify and strengthen myself, finding the balance needed to navigate the challenges of everyday life.

By freely experimenting with different techniques and materials, my dialogue with the elements of nature becomes visual art. I like to experiment with different techniques, art tools and natural materials. Fortunately, we have countless materials available that are found in the natural environment. My muses are the elements of the earth: the ceramics that my hands form, the flowers with their delicate aromas, the leaves imprinted with fine veins, the moss that brings the forest into the studio, and the stones that preserve the echo of the sea. They inspire and guide my art, taking me on an authentic artistic journey, where forms are free and spontaneous, as nature knows no constraints. Refusing to use templates, lines and perfect outlines is a conscious choice, because every piece of art I create is an intimate conversation with natural materials, a rendering of my impressions and feelings in that ephemeral moment of creation. Because of this, my 3D paintings exude a raw, unpolished charm, with free-flowing lines, far from symmetrical perfection or mechanical repetitiveness.

I invite you to encounter these stories – to feel, reconnect and find inspiration in these expressions of natural art. Such a 3D painting is not just a decorative piece, it is a silent companion, a piece of nature that can bring balance and beauty to your personal space.